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Now on winter clearance sale!!




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Hello. I’m Tom Suzuki, a member of “ZERBINO”.



I would like to inform you that we are providing paticuler items winter clearance sale!!



The off-the-rack suits, jacket, coat and shoes those we made as design sample and some accessories are now on clearance sale.

The period of this clearance sale is during whole this month (1/4 Thu〜1/31 Wed).

We do not provide our tailor-made items a discount, so if these samples are the right size for you, that’s the best deal ever.



As my recommendation, coats are especially good item to get this period. These days the temperature is getting low. Even though it usually takes about 2 months to make tailor-made coat, you can get sample coat on that day.

Furthermore, there are higher possibility of that these coat fit your body size because the cover range of coats are wider than any other items.




In addition, I want to recomend to get ties.
high quality ties became remarkable price (from ¥3,696-).

these are also good as a present for someone or a souvenir of Japanese travel.

I’m looking forward to your visit to ZERBINO.
Have a nice day.


Best regards,
Tom Suzuki, ZERBINO Shinjuku branch.


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